Rogue Mage Timeline

BloodRing Timeline

2011 — June – first plague begins, the Plague of Blood. Appearance of first seraphs (angels of judgment and death).
2011 — September – second plague begins.
2012 — January – third plague begins.
February – on the heels of the start of the third plague, birth of first neomages.
February – appearance of first Darkness.
February – start of the Last War between seraphs and evil.
2026 — 14 years after birth of mages, the seraph Barak is injured. Takes refuge with Daria’s family.
2027 — Appearance of neomage gifts. Daria comes into mage heat and into her neomage gifts. She is 15. She mates with Barak.
2028 — Birth of first litter of kylen.
2030 — End of Last War. It lasted 18 years.
2032 — First human/neomage war. Mages were 20 years old. First mage heat between mages occurs when seraphs rescue them.
2040 — Creation of the Enclaves.

Current Timeline

2117 — 105th Anniversary of the start of the Last War. 87th anniversary of the last battle.

Thorn’s Amulets:

1. Black and green jade bear — blanks her mage attributes and stores strength
2. White onyx Arctic seal — link to enclave power deep in the earth
3. White onyx fish — sphere of protection or shield
4. Jade elephant — charmed circle
5. Large bear — turquoise, power from the deeps, for crisis intervention
6. Cougar, red brecciated jasper — glamour for looking like a plain, middle-aged woman
7. Pink quartz rose — calm.
8. Rune of forgetting – a moss agate carved in the rune shape
9. Shield — sphere of shielding — white onyx fish
10. Sleeping cat carved out of bloodstone — energy sink.
11. Frog carved from black and clear agate — healing
12. Clear quartz rings and nuggets used for illumination
13. Wild mage amulets:

1. Citrine, citrine nugget shaped like a pear with a nub of a stem and a small leaf.
2. The sapphire with lots of dark inclusions, a poor quality stone carved in the shape of a fat owl.
3. The zoisite carved like a cherry. A tiny ruby inclusion looked like a gemstone worm in the green matrix of the zoisite.

People of the Enclave world
Genetic structure:

1. Offspring of the supernats and sentients:

* Winged offspring of mage and seraph are kylen. They are viable, male.
* Mules — offspring (second unforeseen) of humans and mages-sterile.
* Kylen can breed with humans and produce viable offspring. These are also kylen, but with weaker powers in each generation. After the third generation, the wings tend to shrink and disappear.
* Mage on mage breed viable offspring, but need seraphs to create mage-heat, which allows females to ovulate.
* Darkness and humans breed devil-spawn in huge litters.
* Darkness, unwilling mages, a Watcher, and Mole Man’s progeny breed succubus-larvae.
* Darkness and Light breed daywalkers.