Appearances 2018

2018 — I will not be traveling as much as I once did. Cons so far:

1.  April 20th – 22nd, 2018:  JordanCon.  JordanCon is a fantasy literature convention founded in honor of the late author, Robert Jordan, in Atlanta, Ga.  I am just a guest, not a GOH so there will be LOTS of fan time!
2.  June 1 –  3, 2018: ConCarolinas .  Charlotte NC Lots of fan time!
3.  Aug. 30 – Sept 1, 2018: DragonCon  I try to make 2 or 3 spacial times when fans can find me for one-on-one, and will post that later. Atlanta, Ga.
4. November 9-11, 2018 WindyCon (No dedicated website yet) in the Chicago suburbs. At the Westin Lombard in Lombard, IL. I am Author Guest of Honor.