Angel Hierarchy


Most High on his throne.  Beneath him is the sapphire crystal, shining with light.  Above him are the
Four Cherubim in their living ships.  Around the Most High are four of them, their ships and each cherub in gem-like colors.
The Archseraph Michael
His Lieutenants of Battle Dire
High Council of the Seraphim, which includes members of all the seraphic beings
principalities, Powers, dominions, (powerful beings of the heavens)
Winged warriors
Winged Troops

SERAPHS mentioned in the Rogue Mage series

Zadkiel – feathers are white and purple, the nervure along the under wings is a purple so dark it looks black.  He smells like pepper and dried mint. He is mated to Holy Amethyst, one of only four cherubs. In the Rogue Mage series, Zadkiel is one of two chieftains—lieutenants—who assist Michael when the archseraph goes into battle. Zadkiel is a seraph with several different identities, depending on the reference. He is said to be one of the seven seraphs closest to God, and is the seraph of benevolence, mercy, memory, and chief of the order of dominions. The most common identity of Zadkiel is the one presented in the Bible, where he prevents Abraham from sacrificing his young son Isaac to God…. Zadkiel sometimes kindles a desire for spiritual development in humans. He guards the powers of invocation; the best known and most powerful form: prayer. He is either a principality or a power, though that is not revealed in the books.

Raziel – “revealer of the rock.”  His feathers are pure scarlet, a darker shade than a cardinal, his nervure, the veins visible through the soft down of the underarm, are a bright teal except when he is fighting or excited—then they turn a brighter red. His eyes are more beautiful than the finest ruby, with red irises in a tawny-skinned face, jaw of carved marble.  Smells like honey and chocolate.  He is reputed to have given Adam The Book of the Angel Raziel. Raziel has been called the chief of the supreme mysteries, a seraph of secret regions.

Cheriour: A “terrible angel” charged with punishment of crime and the pursuit of criminals.  Has teal eyes and teal plumage, pale down beneath, shading to very dark at the tips. Widow’s peak, and smoky, curly hair.  Teal eyes.

Angel of Death and Punishment comes to Thorn’s Gems. He carries a gold disc/sigel/seal of office that protects him from mage heat for a short time. When he tests Thorn, he exudes a teal mist with which he inspects her. Smells of lemon mint and sage, cool and light, just a hint parched, like dried herbs.  His wing feathers are a lustrous teal edging to black at the tips, with smoke-colored down beneath his wings.  He left the imprint of his sigil in the shop, burned into glass. And in the middle of Upper Street left a huge sigil, visible in mage sight.

Amethyst smells of lilacs, nutmeg and hyssop. Biblical quote: “And their whole body, and their backs, and their hands, and their wings, and the wheels, were full of eyes round about…And every one had four faces: the first face was the face of a cherub, and the second face was the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle.” They have eyes and hands all over their bodies in strange places, and one set of human arms with talons like an eagle.  She is lavender, feathered all over.

Minor Flames, or Flames – An order of the seraphim, but lesser beings with only one form. They have the appearance of ball lightning, so bright they hurt the eyes. When they move, they leave plasma trails. They are the workhorses of the battle seraphs. They are identified with Michael, the archseraph, and they come at the call of the winged warriors and at the call of the Omega Mage.  They were thought to have no healing abilities until the Omega mage asked them to help heal wounded humans.

Mutuol – An seraph invoked for the binding of evil spirits, or the exorcising of them.


Baraqyal, or Barak – A seraph who belonged to the Watchers.  Lost in time and history is the story of the Watchers who descended from heaven to cohabit with mortal women. In the Book of Enoch, Baraqyal is listed among the two hundred fallen Watchers and was ranked among the chief of ten, the divisions of the evil but repentant seraphs. He has iridescent green flight feathers that soften to the pale green of new leaves on the underside of his wings and down.  He has silver hair and a high brow, a narrow jaw and pointed chin.  Gray eyes with flecks of silver.  Smells of spring flowers.

His Watcher history:The fallen seraph called Barak was formerly named Baraqyal. He is an Allied One who was fighting with the seraphs of the Light against the Darkness in the early battles of the apocalypse. He allied with the High Host in hopes of repentance and of being reunited with the Most High. Barak was badly burned in a battle over the Gulf of Mexico twelve to fourteen years Post Ap. The soldier-seraph landed and was found on a white sand beach by a nomadic human clan. He was burned almost to nothingness, nearly dead. Nursed back to health by the small clan, he stayed with them for some time as his skin and wings regenerated and new feathers grew.

Though damaged, he offered them protection at a time when little was available.  In return they gave him sanctuary and a family such as he never knew. Barak was nearly healed when Daria entered pubescence and was revealed as a neomage. The seraph recognized the presence of a new creature when her gifts blossomed and went wild.  Unable to resist her, he mated with the first generation witchy-woman, stealing her virginity and altering the fledging world of the neomages forever.

The union produced a first litter of three boy children, half-seraph, half-mage, all with full-sized wings but incapable of flight or transmogrification—the kylen. The second litter produced four viable, winged offspring as scientists called them. Daria and Barak had six litters before the seraph disappeared in the major battle that destroyed Mexico City.

Historically, Watchers, were angels, or seraphs, who went “to and fro on the face of the earth,” watching humans.

In chapter six of Enoch one, we learn: “And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied, that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters.  And the angels, the children of heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another, ‘Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children….  And they were in all two hundred, who descended.”

“And they…took unto themselves wives, and each chose one for himself.  They… defiled themselves with them, and taught them charms and enchantments…and made them acquainted with plants.  And they became pregnant and bare great giants…who turned against them and devoured mankind…. And began to sin…and to devour one another’s flesh and drink blood.”

Gadreel – made man familiar with the weapons of war.
Gamaliel or Hamaliel – an adversary of the cherubim, led humans into debauchery
Garshanal –  An angelic name found inscribed on an ornimental charm (kamea) for warding off evil.
Gibborim In the order of the seraphs of the song – the seraphs who sing in the Uttering Choirs. They are the mighty ones. . . . the seraphs of name who fight under the Red Dragon. Like the Black Angels, the gibborim are regarded as evil.
Phanuel (Raguel) (Hope) – Major Principality, prince of the presence, prince of penance, seraph of hope, and holds the devil in his power. Hope is a feeling of trust & a desire for good, accompanied by the assumption that your desire is attainable. Identified with Uriel and Ramiel.
Sedim – They are guardian spirits, invoked in the exorcism of evil spirits.


The Red Dragon – Claims that he was present at the creation of matter, he and another standing at each side of the Most High. He was the most beautiful of the created beings, and rival the glory of the Most High in beauty. He believes that he is equal with the Most High.

In the Revelation of John, the Red Dragon rebelled against the Most High, drew away a third of the heavens, a third of the angels of the Light, and together they made a bid for the throne of God. There was a great battle in which the Dragon was kicked out of the heavens and fell to earth, burning.

After the fall, he and his followers lost many of his powers, including the ability of transmogrification and access to the river of time. The Red Dragon is the most powerful of the fallen, often associated with Lucifer or Satan, though his name is never spoken aloud for far of calling him.  Sometimes called the Big D.

Forcas – He is a fallen angel; in Hell he is a renowned power or dominion.  On earth he devotes his time to teaching rhetoric, logic, and mathematics. He can render people invisible; he knows also how to restore lost property.

Azazel – the former Watcher leader, and one of at least 20 Dragons. In the war of the heavens as presented in the Revelation of John, the Red Dragon is mentioned.  Not mentioned is the Aqua Dragon, who, according to the Rogue Mage series, fought beside the Red.

He smells of charcoal and the earth, of a reborn earth, made new and clean and holy.
He has aqua eyes.  His wings are the shades of the rising sun, peach and fuchsia and the color of the flesh of ripe melons.  His  flight feathers are persimmon, deepening to almost black at the tips, while beneath his arm, the nevus is a delicate aqua, paler than his eyes, which are an aqua the shade of rich amazonite, but full of fire, like opals when turned to the light. His flesh is bright, reddish, like an American Indian, which contrasts with his hair which is sea green, worn loose and flowing, falling over his shoulders.

Black Angels – A name used, especially in Islamic lore, for the fallen angels.