Height: Somewhere between five-three and five-six,

Faith Hunter

depending on the heels. And yes. I LOVE boots!

Weight: Shame on you for asking!

Eyes: Sort of a grayish-hazel.

Favorite color: Blue. No, purple. No. Okay, anything but mustard yellow.

Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to still act 10 feet tall and bullet proof. And regret it later.

Vehicle: I drive an SUV. I like to be able to haul things around.

Pets: Pomeranians, two as of today. Always thinking about a puppy.

Marital status: Permanently attached to my Renaissance Man (Hubby).

Clothing style: It used to be sort of Bohemian gypsy-queen belly dancer meets Biker Chick. I still like lots of soft shimmery fabrics. Skirts and Lucchese boots, sandals in summer to show off red toenails. Wetsuit or shorts with all the proper PPEs for kayaking. Jeans and tees on my day off. And lots of jewelry that I make myself.

Jewelry: Lots! I love natural things, like stone beads and shells, and I love copper beads and trinkets. I often give away stones at my signings.

Hobbies: Jewelry making, whitewater paddling in one of our 36 kayaks (as of today), yoga-stretching, reading, weight-lifting, writing — wait, that’s a job — and snuggling with the Hubs. I also make it point to read every day, though for a writer, that’s much more like part of the job.

Friends: Yes! I wasn’t very good at making friends in school, though the ones I have are steadfast, like Joy, who is my very bestest pal since we were nine. But since I grew up — which happened sometime in the last decade — I have found more, new friends that I cherish. Kim Harrison, of course, and Misty Massey, and Tamar Myers and AJ Hartley, and David B. Coe.  All these are writers. Hmmm. Is that a pattern starting to evolve?

Writing schedule: Seven days a week, 5 to 10 pages a day, however many hours it takes to get that. If I get 30 pages done early in the week, I take a day off, unless deadlines are near. Then I grind away. Like now, with the deadline for a Soulwood book very close!

Other job: After decades in the hospital laboratory field, I am now a full time writer. And no. I do not miss the lab or a hospital setting at all.

Hair Color: matches my mood. Today I’m blond with pale brown streaks.

On Being a Writer: My life is writing, creating worlds where none existed before. I love it, and I love the characters that spring to life fully formed. I love the justice that I can find in the pages of a book where none existed before. I’m not a talented person, but I reckon if God was going to give me one single talent, I’m REALLY glad it’s writing! I’ve been writing since tenth grade, and will stop the day they tumble me into a grave and cover me up.

On What I do on a Day Off: In spring, summer, and early fall, I try to get the Hubs to go with me whitewater paddling or just take a lazy ride down the Catawba River. I have this old inflatable two-man kayak called a rubber ducky. Honest. That’s what it’s called. But it’s like 12 feet long and way too big for the bathtub. That is for lazy days. For energetic days, I have a sky-blue Fluid Detox, and a matching white-water-sit-on-top called a Do-It-Now. Both boats are perfect for Class II and Class III rivers!

In cooler temps, I think about driving to the beach. I live near Myrtle Beach. Well, it’s a four hour drive. But the Hubby and I have an RV, and we can jump in and drive down, spend the night, and hit the surf as we please. I can write in the RV too, on the laptop, though I admit to preferring my PC to laptop writing. On the laptop, my thumbs hit the mouse on the keyboard at unexpected times and strange things happen to large blocks of text. Oy…

And for a change of pace, LET’S HEAD TO THE MOUNTAINS!!!! I’m about four hours from the Appalachian Mountains, close to Mineral City (in its real incarnation), and only about six hours from some of the best whitewater paddling in the world! WhooHoo!

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