I am pleased to announce that my life’s work is currently being added to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection at Texas A&M University.

TAMU has one of the largest research collections devoted to science fiction and fantasy in the world, with over 30,000 individual titles (books and other monographs), many thousands of SF and fantasy serials (including 90% of all the SF pulps published in the US in the 20th century), and over 110 individual archival collections. These last range from collections of fanzines to the manuscripts, correspondence and other materials from genre authors, editors and other creators.

Authors for which they have manuscript material include Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Delany, Howard, Le Guin, McCaffrey, Norton, Silverberg, and Sladek, among others. They  also have a lot of materials from authors from Texas and the Borderlands (including my native Louisiana!) regions, such as Elizabeth Moon, Lisa Tuttle, Martha Wells, and Howard Waldrop.

The also hold a large collection from Michael Moorcock, as well as the complete papers of George R.R. Martin.

Texas A&M will ensure that my materials are preserved and protected, and accessible to scholars, fans, and other interested parties alike, well into the future.

Yes. I am feeling very humble.

Faith Hunter