“WeSa and the Lumber King”  A brand new short story from Beast’s POV, set in the Hunger Times.

“The Early Years”  Short story about Jane just after she left the children’s home. Available as part of the Cat Tales e-book.

“Snafu” (Prequel) Jane interviews for an internship with a PI.

“Cat Tats”  Short story about Rick LaFleur. Available as part of the Cat Tales e-book. Short story about how Rick LaFleur got his tattoos. Available as part of the Cat Tales e-book.

“Kits”  Short story about Jane Yellowrock with Molly Everhart Trueblood as a secondary character. Available as part of the Cat Tales e-book.

“Haint(s)”  Short story from Molly Everhart Trueblood’s POV, with Jane Yellowrock as a secondary character. Available as part of the Cat Tales e-book.

“Signatures of the Dead”  Originally published in the anthology Strange Brew,  “Signatures of the Dead”  is reprinted in ebook Cat Tales. It is a short story about Molly Everhart Trueblood, with Jane Yellowrock as a secondary character.

Skinwalker   The first Jane Yellowrock novel.

“First sight”  From Bruiser’s point of View, when he first sees Jane

Blood Cross  The second Jane Yellowrock novel.

Mercy Blade  The third Jane Yellowrock novel.

“Blood, Fangs and Going Furry” (in the compilation Cat Tales)  Rick LaFleur’s first full moon after being bitten by a were. From Rick’s point of view, with Jane Yellowrock as a secondary character.

“Dance Master”  (in the Jane Yellowrock Companion Guide) From George (Bruiser) Dumas’   point of view. He calls Jane to investigate a problem in the Royal Mojo Blues Company. And oh my, do they dance…

Raven Cursed  The fourth Jane Yellowrock novel

“Golden Delicious” A short story from Rick LaFleur’s point of view published in An Apple for the Creature anthology. Rick is in PsyLED school with his dual nemeses Brute and Pea. His fellow students go missing, and everything starts to go wrong.

“Cajun with Fangs” A short story from Jane Yellowrock’s POV, set soon after Raven Cursed and before Death’s Rival.  Jane is stranded in Bayou Oiseau when her Harley, Bitsa, has engine trouble. And she walks right into a war between witches and vampires that seems destined to drag her and her boss Leo Pellissier down with them into flames.

“Easy Pickings” (crossover, alternative universe e-novella with C. E. Murphy) The crossover novella written by C.E. Murphy and Faith Hunter. Jane Yellowrock and Joanne Walker are pulled into a different reality where they have to fight a Big-Bad-Ugly. This novella stands outside of the Skinwalker series, but slides nicely into this spot. Available as an e-book.

Death’s Rival  The fifth Jane Yellowrock novel

Blood Trade  The sixth Jane Yellowrock novel

“The Devil’s Left Boot” (in the anthology Kicking It) The Everhart witch sisters are asked to find a missing woman, who had great taste in boots.

“Beneath a Bloody Moon” (a novella in the Jane Yellowrock Companion Guide) Jane Yellowrock and her team investigate a series of possible werewolf attacks outside of Houma, Louisiana.

“Black Water” (in the compilation BlackWater) Jane Yellowrock is back in the very deep South, near Houma, this time chasing a human predator, racing to save the lives of the two women he has kidnapped.

Black Arts  The Seventh Jane Yellowrock novel

“Off the Grid” (in the compilation Black Water) Jane is in Knoxville to do a favor for the her boss, the chief fanghead of the southeast US. It’s supposed to be an easy investigation, but a very important vampire has gone missing and Jane is drawn into the search. This is where Jane meets Nell Nicholson Ingram for the first time.

BROKEN SOUL  The eighth Jane Yellowrock novel

DARK HEIR   The ninth Jane Yellowrock novel

BLOOD IN HER VEINS, New compilation of *all* Jane Yellowrock shorts along with two brand new novellas, see below (release Feb. 2016)

“Cat Fight”  Jane Yellowrock is back in Bayou Oiseau, where the witches and vamps are again at war, this time over a magical talisman called le breloque. Jane must settle the dispute, figure out what le breloque  is and then figure out how to keep Leo’s hands off it.

“Bound No More”  Angie Baby and Molly Everhart Trueblood come to visit Jane Yellowrock. When an arcenciel also shows up, bent on mischief, Angie proves she is growing up—into the most powerful witch in Everhart history.

SHADOW RITES The tenth Jane Yellowrock novel

COLD REIGN  The eleventh Jane Yellowrock novel