There will be a lot of news in the next weeks about SHADOW RITES, but one chat in particular will be fantastic. Why? Because the book will have been out long enough that we can talk about what’s happened to Jane, the Youngers, Bruiser and the whole cast without worrying too much about spoilers. This one! FB graphic Tweet Chat Ap 12

If you have never done a tweet chat it’s easy.

Here is the link to the chat on
 If you get a chance take a look around.

To use for our chat:
First sign into your twitter account.
Then go to the link and enter the channel.
The great thing about Nurph, you don’t have to remember to add the #FFbchat hashtag, it does it for you. It also pulls the tweets with this hashtag to the site so you can easily follow the conversations.

If you’re not using Nurph, you can use your favorite platform for Twitter.
You’ll need to set up a search for the hashtag #FFbchat to follow along and see responses.
You’ll also need to remember to add the hashtag #FFbchat to your tweets.

There is also have an event page set up on Facebook. Here’s the link for that:

Please feel free to go the the page and invite peeps from your Facebook!

Chat starts at 1130a CT and we’ll hangout for 30-40min. You can always hang out longer if you have the time. See you there!