Last week was really amazing. If you saw Friday’s post, then you know that there will be 3 more Jane Yellowrock books — which is still sending me into cartwheels of joy! (Mental and emotional cartwheels. Not real cartwheels. I’d hurt myself.) And *I* know that *y’all* made that happen, not me. I’m giddy with thanks!

But the news of the world goes on. When you get a minute, offer a small prayer, good vibes, or kind thoughts for the Japanese. And if you can, give a dollar or two to the Red cross. The last time something this awful happened to the Japanese, it was from 2 bombs dropped from our planes. I’m not here to debate an action of war. It happened. But they need help now, and anything we can do will make a difference.

On to Jane Yellowrock and Beast stuff. Jane has her own Fan Page on FaceBook now! I’d love you to *like* it. And the info page was so much fun to write.  :mrgreen:  Check it out!

Next — there is a chat 2 nights this week LIVE at the book / fan site at
Tuesday night and Thursday nights from 10p.m. to 12mn, EDT. Yes, I’ll be there to answer any questions you might have!

And Last! I will be attending DragonCon 2011 in Atlanta, Ga, Friday Sept 2 – 5. As a GUEST! Whoot! A *guest!* They accepted me! Come see me!