Jane Yellowrock and Beast seldom just take off and go have fun — you know, gal-pal stuff.  Shopping, maybe take in a movie, get their nails done, have dinner. Okay, I get that it isn’t practical or even possible. I get that tourists and locals would run screaming if a mountain lion strolled into a day-spa. But hey — it’s fiction, and I’m in a whacky mood today, so I thought I’d put up something I did once to get to know them.

Jane Yellowrock: (stretching and pulling out a ten inch knife that was poking her in the side. She sees her nails, which are grimy from cleaning her weapons. She broke a nail and it’s rough and jagged.) I need a manicure. I can’t go to dinner with Bruiser with these nails.

(Beast lifts head.) Dinner? Deer? Hunt? (unsheathes claws) Scrape claws on tree. Bark will sharpen them. Kill deer. Blood red claws glisten in moonlight.

Jane: Ick. I have a feeling Bruiser would not be impressed if I met him at the door with bloody hands and raw meet stuck between my teeth.

(Beast huffs with amusement) Silly human thing — manicure. Paint breaks with first kill, flakes away with first shift into big-cat. Time better spent sharpening Jane-claws-of-steel and putting silver-bullets into guns. (Beast lifts lips in amused snarl) Leo would like Jane to meet him at door with bloody hands.

Jane: We are soooo not going there.

Beast: Not go to Leo? Why not? Have seen his lair under Clan Home. Bed is big.

Jane: Not gonna happen. (She goes to the kitchen sink and scrubs her hands, finds a nail file and smooths the nail while she thinks.) How about a day-spa. A facial and a massage. I think it sounds wonderful.

Beast: Leo would–

Jane: Stop. No Leo.

Beast purrs slyly: Bruuuuiser would massage Jane.

Jane looks irritated, and then confused. Checks calendar. Sighs: I am soooo in trouble. Tonight is the full moon, isn’t it?

Beast: Beast mates at full moon. I/we of Beast wants good strong mate. Bruiser will do. Or Leo.

Hope that filled your Jane Yellowrock / Bruiser / Leo urge for the day.