CANCELLED FRIDAY 9:45 A.M. FAN TEA, at Starbucks in the Weston. Anyone who shows up wearing any Faith or Claws T-shirt will get a prezzie! Ane private time with Faith!

Title: Effective Promotion for Writers
Description: Bookmarks? CDs or DVDs? Books Trailers? Social Media? The pros discuss what works for them–and what doesn’t.
Time: Fri 11:30 am Location: Embassy CD – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Sheila English, Gail Z. Martin, Peter David, Faith Hunter, Lee Martindale)
Title: Fantasia Americana
Description: Europe, you had your turn. Let’s explore the threads of the rich tapestry of myths, stories, and oral traditions woven right here in the Americas.
Time: Fri 02:30 pm Location: Embassy EF – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Faith Hunter, L. M. Davis, Holly Sullivan McClure)

Title: Protect and Defend: Non-Humans Saving Humans
Description: The role of many Urban Fantasy protagonists is protecting the human world from supernatural or magical threats, and sometimes those protectors are not human themselves. Our panel of authors discusses the difficulties this situation may present for the protagonist, their community, and humans.
Time: Fri 04:00 pm Location: Peachtree Ballroom – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Delilah S. Dawson, Jim Butcher, Faith Hunter, Kevin Hearne, Jeanne C. Stein, Patricia Briggs)

Title: Violence in Urban Fantasy: Is There a Line?
Description: The level of violence in Urban Fantasy varies, sometimes even between books in the same series. Our authors discuss their use of violence in their work, and what lines they may be unwilling to cross for the sake of their story.
Time: Fri 10:00 pm Location: Chastain DE – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Myke Cole, Christopher Golden, Thomas E. Sniegoski, Richard Kadrey, Faith Hunter, John G. Hartness, James R. Tuck)

SATURDAY 10:00 A.M. FAN TEA, at Starbucks in the Weston. Anyone who shows up wearing any Faith or Claws T-shirt will get a prezzie! Ane private time with Faith!

Reading: From CURSE ON THE LAND, Soulwood book two. 
Time: Sat 01:00 pm Location: Piedmont – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

2:30pm Signing (TENTATIVE) Booth 1301,1303 1400 & 1402 level 1 AmericasMart  building 2. 

Title: Amazing Worldbuilding
Description: Just can’t get the knack (or skills) of worldbuilding? Discover the shortcuts, tricks and skills necessary to convert the ordinary to the extraordinary.
Time: Sat 08:30 pm Location: Embassy CD – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Sharon Ahern, A. J. Hartley, Faith Hunter, Robert J. Sawyer, Thomas E. Sniegoski)

Title: First Ladies of Fantasy
Description: Meet some of the women who write our favorite fantasy novels as they share secrets of writing great fiction.
Time: Sun 10:00 am Location: Centennial I – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Nancy Knight, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Katherine Kurtz, Debbie Viguié, Mercedes Lackey, Faith Hunter)

Title: The Ladies’ Guide to the Apocalypse
Description: From Katniss to Clarke and beyond, now more than ever female characters are taking the end of days head on. Discuss the increasing presence of heroines in apocalyptic media, as well as paying tribute to those characters that helped pave the way.
Time: Sun 04:00 pm Location: Chastain F-H – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Mari Mancusi, Faith Hunter, Janine K. Spendlove, Richard Kadrey)

Title: What Lies Beneath: Shifters and Werewolves
Description: Our authors discuss the bond their shifter and werewolf protagonists have with their human sides.
Time: Sun 08:30 pm Location: Chastain DE – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Patricia Briggs, Delilah S. Dawson, Faith Hunter, Samantha Sommersby, Clay and Susan Griffith, Peter Orullian)

Title: The Good, the Bad, and the Scary: Witches in UF
Description: Witches in Urban Fantasy run the gamut from helpful to extremely dangerous and self-serving. Our authors discuss their characters as reflections of the category they fall into.
Time: Mon 11:30 am Location: Chastain DE – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Linda Robertson, Faith Hunter, Tamsin L. Silver, Melissa F Olson, David B. Coe, Anthony Francis)